Can Same Sex Couples Be Denied a Wedding Venue?

Marital rights have certainly come a long way from the time the Supreme Court legalized interracial marriage in 1967 in Loving v. Virginia. Since the 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges ruling, same sex marriage has also been legal in all 50 states. But this nationwide ruling does not stop all who oppose from discriminating against same-sex couples. There have been many cases of wedding vendors refusing to accommodate homosexual couples, using religious objections as an excuse. Is this legal?

Continue reading to find out more about this unfortunate, ongoing problem, including what you can do if you are a victim of similar marital discrimination.

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State Laws vs. First Amendment Rights

Wedding venues, photographers, and even planners have gone on record to say they will not work with same-sex couples. Although many states have anti-discrimination laws in place, sadly, some Federal courts approved the decision to refuse service based on religious beliefs. For example, a baker in Colorado refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple.

As a result, the couple joined forces with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, who alleged the baker was in violation of the state’s anti-discrimination laws. The Court did not rule that business owners have the right to refuse service to homosexual couples, however, they did rule in favor of the baker based on his 1st Amendment rights. The court decided that 1st Amendment rights trump state anti-discrimination laws.

Unfortunately, business owners all across the country continue to discriminate based on religious objections. More recently, a Mississippi interracial couple were denied service at a wedding venue, who claimed providing service would go against their religious beliefs. They actually stated, “[W]e don’t do gay weddings or mixed raced (weddings) because of our Christian race, I mean our Christian belief.”

Are You a Victim of Marital Discrimination?

If you have been denied service by a wedding vendor, or discriminated against as a result of your race, religion, or sexual preference, it is strongly encouraged to discuss your incident with a seasoned marital lawyer who specializes in discrimination cases.

Where to Get Marital Legal Assistance in Florida

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