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Guardianship can refer to the legal custody of a non-biological child, disabled adult child, or an incapacitated adult. This generally becomes a litigious matter when a parent (or current caretaker) passes away or fails to meet the legal standards for guardianship. Common forms of establishing guardianship include adoption, foster care, and guardian ad litem (GAL), which is a court-appointed volunteer who represents the interests of a child. In other circumstances, individuals are looking to relinquish guardianship, emancipate themselves from guardianship, or protect themselves in cases of surrogacy and child reproductive rights.

Regardless of whatever guardianship matters come your way in life, it is wise to retain legal counsel from a seasoned Orlando family lawyer you can trust for intelligent and practical solutions that work for you.

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Here at the Law Office of Shane T. Herbert, we provide comprehensive guardianship legal representation for families of all types here in Orlando, Florida. From general guardianship actions and modifications, to adoption, foster care, emancipation, reproductive rights, surrogacy, custodial rights, and more, we are your trusted source for preserving your family‚Äôs best interests. Whether you wish to adopt your step-child, enter into a foster care initiative, or obtain guardianship for a senile parent with Alzheimer’s, our law firm retains the knowledge and means to ensure your case is as successful as possible.

Our primary guardianship practice areas include, but are not limited to, adoption, step-parent adoption, second parent adoption, same sex couple adoption, foster care, emancipation, guardian ad litem, reproductive rights, surrogacy, and more.

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