Top 4 Social Media Tips for Divorcing Couples

If you don’t think your social media can negatively impact your divorce, even after you have finalized everything with your ex, think again. Social media plays a large role in a person’s social life, and accordingly, their personal one too. If you are currently considering or preparing for a divorce, it is vital to monitor your social media use in order to protect yourself and your assets.

Continue reading to learn the top four social media tips for couples who are divorcing.

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Social Media Mistakes During Divorce

Divorce can be a stressful experience, which in turn can cause many people to behave in ways they normally wouldn’t due to the heightened emotions like anger and hurt. A common portal for people to unburden themselves with overwhelming feelings subsequent of splitting up is social media. Whether you are just checking in or posting thoughts, your social media usage can have detrimental effects on your divorce, even after your divorce has been finalized. This is especially true for contentious divorces.

Here is how you can ensure you are not incriminating yourself in any way on social media during your divorce:

Ⅰ. Do Not “Check-In”

The “check-in” features on certain apps and social media platforms, such as Facebook, are fun to use when you are not concerned about the public knowing your whereabouts and activities. However, during a divorce, you might not want your ex knowing you went on vacation or stopped in a certain night club. You wouldn’t want such information manipulated and used against you in court on child custody matters.

Ⅱ. Do Not Post Pictures of Partying

Another mistake that can be manipulated and used against you in court are pictures of you partying, drinking alcohol, and being hungover. In the case of having a contentious or distrustful ex, they might use your Instagram photos or Snapchat snaps to portray an image of you as an irresponsible parent, disrespectful spouse, or someone who has more disposable income than disclosed.

Ⅲ. Do Not Post Your Promotion or New Job

If you don’t want to go back to court to amend spousal support and child support orders, you may want to keep any job promotions, salary raises, and new high pay role positions under the radar. Otherwise, your ex could find out and decide to appeal your current alimony and child support orders, resulting in you paying more, and possibly for longer.

Ⅳ. Do Not Post Rants

Although it can be tempting to take to your social media and post videos, live streams, and written posts spilling your frustrations about your ex and the divorce process. But if you do, you can risk putting yourself in a bad position when it comes time for a judge to rule on important matters relevant to your divorce. It can also anger your spouse, and encourage them to be more contentious or vindictive.

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