The Do’s and Don’ts of Divorce

Not all divorces are guaranteed to be easy. However, you can do your part to ensure the best possible outcome of your divorce by avoiding negative choices and taking positive steps in the right direction. To help understand how to achieve this resolve, continue reading to learn the most important do’s and don’ts of divorce.

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What You Should Never Do During a Divorce

Making bad or impulsive decisions during a pending divorce can render a long list of challenges for both you and your divorce lawyer. Not only can it increase your personal stress, it can make it more difficult for your lawyer to represent you and it can displease your presiding judge.

To ensure you do not make any mistakes or poor choices when legally terminating your marriage, follow these important DON’TS of divorce:

❌ Do not make any large purchases, such as a house or car.

❌ Do not hide property or other assets.

❌ Do not give away property or assets as gifts.

❌ Do not withdraw cash for unauthorized purchases.

❌ Do not move out of the country.

❌ Do not withhold information during the discovery stage.

❌ Do not post about your life or divorce on social media.

❌ Do not remove your spouse off of your insurance policies;

❌ Do not turn off utilities to spouse’s home.

❌ Do not bad-mouth your spouse to, or in the presence of, your children.

❌ Do not violate any custody arrangements or court orders.

❌ Do not make threatening remarks to your spouse or anyone else.

❌ Do not get in trouble with the law.

What You Should Do

In addition to avoiding certain errors of judgement or impulsive behaviors, you can take the initiative to do things that will improve the divorce process. These tips will help speed up the timeline and get more of what you want out of a divorce.

✅ Hire a divorce lawyer to represent your case.

✅ Understand all the options for dissolution of marriage in your state.

✅ Ask your attorney many questions to fully understand your situation.

✅ Fully disclose all information regarding assets, income and finances.

✅ Be reasonable and fair with your spouse;

✅ Cooperate with court orders and mediation;

✅ Communicate respectively and effectively with your spouse pertaining to kids’ schedules and visitation times.

✅ Support your children as much as possible through the process.

✅ Stay off of social media.

Not Quite Ready to Get a Divorce?

If you are not ready to file for divorce just yet, there are some other options that might be a better fit for your family. Talk to a licensed divorce attorney who can provide trusted advice and guidance on all your family legal matters related to marriage and separation. They have the knowledge and experience to represent the best interests of both you and your family, regardless of your definitive decision.

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