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Highly Recommend
“Shane did an amazing job with my divorce. From day one, he listened to my concerns and was always available by phone. As it became clear my divorce would be high conflict and difficult, he advocated for me and my children. Shane gave 110% to every aspect of my divorce and continues to be there in case there are any more problems. I would highly recommend him to anyone going through a difficult divorce.” -Anonymous
Awesome Family Lawyer
“My wife and I have called upon the services of Shane for over two years now. He came in at a midway point in a lengthy, out of state, two child custody battle. He was quick to catch up on the facts and get our case moving in a positive direction. Despite us living in Texas and him in florida his diligence never slowed down. He has always stayed in contact and made sure we stayed informed of current situations. He has had to battle pretty hard to get us where we are and we can't thank him enough. I would recommend him to any family that has had issues with florida family law. Shane is courteous, motivated, young, diligent and a parent himself. To choose Shane for your family law needs would definately be a wise choice.” – Ronald
A Dependable Lawyer
“Atty. Shane Herbert is a knowledgeable, reliable, caring and down-to-earth lawyer who provided me with his exceptional professional services based on both factual and presented circumstances to yield the optimum scenario that served my best interests. He is very prompt in responding as well as in attending to issues as they arose during the legal process. I am very happy on how he handled my case.” – Anonymous
Awesome job Shane
“Thank you Shane for your hard work and dedication on my case. Working with Shane was great! He is easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. He was always there to listen, has a calm demeanor and kept me focused on what was important. I would highly recommend Shane for your family law needs.” – Jennifer
Best Divorce Attorney in Orlando
“Shane provide first-rate service with representing me in my divorce and relocation of minor child out-of-state. His outstanding dedication and strong guidance provided quick results in my favor. His services go above and beyond what anyone could ask for. I highly recommend hiring Shane for your needs.” – Tamara
Always Want Shane on My Side of the Table
“Amazing job navigating and guiding me through a very challenging path to resolution. Very pragmatic and solution oriented while always having the clients best interest in focus.” – Anonymous
Excellent Representation
“I worked with a Shane Herbert for approximately 1 1/2 years during the course of my divorce. He was very empathetic and caring throughout my very rough ordeal. There were many times when I just needed to voice my opinions and feel like I was being heard and Shane was always there to listen. Whenever I felt that we were fighting an uphill battle, Shane would calmly be there to explain the options we could take and go over the possible outcomes whether they were good or bad. My divorce turned out to be fairly complicated from a vindictive ex-husband fighting for custody (….) Another big fight was the relocation battle (I won relocation and the ability to relocate to Orlando from Jacksonville to pursue my education). These were just some of the issues that popped up. I would highly recommend Shane as an attorney due to his caring personality, vast knowledge base and willingness to work with his clients to ensure that you get the results that you want within reason of the law and the judge’s purview. Even though my divorce was complicated and at times I became discouraged. I could look to Shane to be the calm in the storm. Thank you so much Shane for all your hard work, effort and professionalism that you displayed throughout the course of my divorce proceedings.” – Jackie
Great Experience!
“Working with Shane was a pleasure. Shane was assigned to my case representing me in a detailed family law matter in Orlando. He was always available and was efficient with detail and knowledge with my case. I would feel comfortable referring Shane to my friends and family alike.” – Nicole
Salvaged Petition
“I had been working with another Jacksonville attorney, Dan Copeland for several years, and he was supposed to have filed a petition for reimbursement of medical expenses for my special needs son. He never filed that. (…) Mr. Herbert was able to salvage the Petition (otherwise I would have lost the option to request extended support for my son) and helped us to settle in mediation so that we did not even have to have a hearing. He did a great job at coordinating out of state expert witnesses, making sure that the method of payment on the continued support would not put my son's disability benefits in jeopardy in Virginia, and deciding where to compromise and where to hold his ground. He was compassionate and professional. I am very grateful for his help. I cannot recommend him highly enough.” – Anonymous
Knowledge and Patience
“Thanks to Shane for representing me in my divorce in Jacksonville. It wasn't easy, but Shane's patience and calm demeanor helped me stay focused on issues at hand. He was always prepared and his straight forward strategies helped to keep things moving towards resolution.” – Heather
Words cannot express my gratitude
“Words cannot express my gratitude for the excellent work that Shane put into my case. I live in Tx and it became a jurisdictional matter. Shane was able to put forth a strong argument in my favor as to why my divorce and custody hearing should be heard in TX and not Florida and the judge agreed with him. Shane was always available when I needed to speak with him and would return emails and phone calls in a timely manner. I would wholeheartedly recommend him as your next attorney. Thank you Shane!” – Sharon
“Shane was very knowledgeable and made me feel very at ease about my divorce process. Things could not have gone any smoother and/or better. I was very impressed with the service. I would definitely recommend Shane to my family and friends. Awesome job!!” – Dora
Due Diligence at its Best!
“Shane has exhibited an extremely professional manner throughout the venture of my mother's divorce. Shane went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure my mother's interests were secured. At the request of my mother, Shane worked with me on many occasions even conferences over the phone and was able to make remarkable progress with a remote environment. Shane's efficiency allowed this endeavor to move quickly and painlessly. If I hear or learn of a friend or family member who needs a divorce attorney, Shane Herbert is at the top! Thanks again for all your help, Shane!” – Mike
Great experience!
“I used Shane Herbert to represent me for my divorce! He was very knowledgeable and precise about how to handle my situation. He took the time to walk me through the process so there wasn't any surprises, answered any questions about something I may not have understood, and maintained a professional approach through it all. He was a great attorney to work with, especially with this being my first experience in lawyers, for any legal issue.” – Jack
Shane Herbert - Putting Your Needs First
“My wife and I went through a divorce. Long story short, she tried to take everything she could. After consulting Shane, and learning my rights, I was able to go back to the ex-wife and work out a VERY FAVORABLE deal that benefited me tremendous in terms of time and money. Shane's knowledge and advice resulted in a very amicable split that benefited me greatly. Shane put my interests ahead of his own personal interests and I will always be grateful his help. If I ever need any assistance whether it is family law or other issues, Shane will be the first person I call! Thank you again Shane!” – Anonymous
Great Attorney
“The service and care that I received made me feel comfort. Shane was informative & forthright with my options & opportunities. Although I decided not to file for divorce. Shane is now my lawyer if there ever is the need in the future” – Daphne
Caring, accomodating, compassionate lawyer for the elderly.
“Shane Herbert deserves an extra star when he gets to heaven. He took great care of my elderly mother who was scammed and lost her home. Bankruptcy can be very intimidating and stressful. However, he took the fear and worry off of her by the way he handled everything. He was very attentive and has helped with a follow up phone call almost a year later.” – Jackie
“Shane was professional and attentive. Kept me informed. Anything he was unsure of he would find out in a timely manner. Great all the way around!” – Brett
Thank you Shane Herbert!
“Shane helped me through my divorce and was helpful in every aspect.” – Stacy
Excellent lawyer!!!
“Excellent lawyer! What Shane doesnt know at the moment, he will find out in a timely manner! Thanks to him, I did not loose my children!!! If I had to go through it again, you better believe I would look up Shane Herbert!!!” – Michelle
Excellent Lawyer
“Shane did a fantastic job. Shane was easy to get in touch with and replied to emails very fast and thoroughly. He explained to me exactly how things would go in Divorce court making it very easy and fast. His staff was very nice and friendly. I highly recommend Shane as your family attorney.” – Angel
Attorney that's actually worth the money
“After extensive research, I retained Shane on a child custody case. He was very upfront about possibilities and cost. He even provided me with ways to CUT my cost. On a curveball by the opposing, Shane had to work on my case unexpectedly a whole day. He definitely stepped up to the plate. I have already recommended him to several people and will continue to use him when needed. I never felt like I was bothering him or the others I called for questions. Glad I chose him!!! (And my kids are home where they belong).” – Trish
Divorce attorney
“Shane recently helped me in getting my divorce resolved. He accomplished it in a timely fashion without any unexpected problems. His rates are very reasonable and did a great job staying in communication with me threw the hole process. I highly recommend him.” – Joel
Highly recommended
“I am an attorney and I have used Mr Herbert's services for a family matter. Shane is highly conscientious and diligent; I highly recommmend him.” – Victoria
Mckee vs Mckee
“Shane worked with me in my divorce and was instrumental in negotiating a very difficult situation where the outcome suited all parties. He had a calm demeanor and was able resolved any matters quickly so that more problems did not surface. He stayed focused on the overall objective and I was satisfied with the outcome. I would use him again in the future for any other legal matters that I may need help with.” – Jim
Shane Herbert's Review
“Shane was extremely helpful in my very stressful time of getting divorce. I had several questions, as this was a first time event for me. Shane was always knowledgeable and helpful with my needs. If he didn't have the answer, he always returned my call/question as soon as he could. I would recommend Shane Hebert to anyone.” – Robert

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